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About us

Welcome to Loan Deals

Loan Deals is a revolutionary lending instution in the digital finance industry. Since 2020 we have brought the next generation of loan solutions to emerging companies in the crypto industry. We believe in the financial revolution and we support the institutions and individuals that embrace blockchain technoligy and allow corporations and individuals easy access to loan solutions that harness the full potential of crypto assets. Loan Deals empowers thousands of people from around the world to harness the power behind their crypto assets through various loan products. Our lenders also enjoy high yields as they connect with borrowers to re shape a stronger financial system for a brighter tomorrow.

Who we are

Loan Deals is your number 1 crypto loans provider

Our Mission

To make crypto loans accessible to institutions and individuals without hassle

Our Vision

To revolutionize the lending industry with customized crypto asset lending solutions.

Our History

Our team is led by former bankers and stock market titans who have decades of combined experience in risk management and finance.
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  • Max Deposit : $9999
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Referral Program

Loan Deals encourages lenders to grow the network by inviting new partners. This allows us to build an even more robust framework to match lenders with borrowers and increases our capacity to deliver lending solutions to more companies and individuals alike from all corners of the globe

Our referral program is split across 3 levels to extend a very rewarding affiliate commission system.

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